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WEIHAI SYNSOR BOAT Co., Ltd was founded in 2007,which is a professional company devoted to produce inflatable boats, located in the beautiful coastal city, WEIHAI. It has a professional working team with specialized high-quality designers & exploiters and well trained skilled workers, which assures we can produce inflatable boats with high quality ...

Pursuing preeminence, be honest and faithful, insist on cooperation and mutual benefit

Let’s create a bright future together!



Let’s create a bright future together!

FZC surfboard

Family,RelaxChildsupPaddle Wave,YogaSurfingStandPaddle      Length        Width       Thickness   (ft)   (cm)   (ft)    (cm)     (ft)    (cm)8'6''   260   27''   68.5   4.7''    12    Length        Wi

FZC surfboard

Race,Surfing Family,RelaxChildsupPaddle Wave,YogaSurfingStandPaddle      Length        Width       Thickness   (ft)   (cm)   (ft)    (cm)     (ft)    (cm)8'6''   260   27''   68.5   4.7''    12    Len

FZC surfboard

Race,Surfing Family,RelaxChildsupPaddle Wave,YogaSurfingStandPaddle      Length        Width       Thickness   (ft)   (cm)   (ft)    (cm)     (ft)    (cm)8'6''   260   27''   68.5   4.7''    12    Len

Product introduction

Our persistent tenet is: "Pursuing preeminence, be honest and faithful, insist on cooperation and mutual benefit".

Let’s create a bright future together!

High intensity

High strength PVC mesh cloth is selected for the material of the inflatable boat



Aluminum alloy floor

Because of its unique anti impact performance, the aluminum floor is easy to maintain and is deeply loved by the diver and high performance boat enthusiast. At the same time, the floor can be completely dismantled to achieve rapid and effective maintenance.


Small volume

The deflated boat can be folded and smaller, and can be easily placed in the trunk of a car.


Resistance to wind and waves

The ship is fully inflatable and has inflatable keel under the bottom deck to ensure that the ship has excellent speed and stability.


The company has high quality design developers and skilled skilled workers with professional training to produce high quality aerated yachts that are synchronized with the world. Such as gas filled rubber yachts, such as rafts, assault boats, banana boats, patrol boats, fishing boats, FRP yachts and inflatable water entertainment facilities or customers Design and manufacture all kinds of inflatable entertainment products.

Ingenuity and spiritual quality assurance

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Let’s create a bright future together!